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What Can I Claim For? Every claim is individual and is assessed by our experienced staff members separately. As a general rule however, you can claim for •Living in a property with disrepair •Personal property which has been damaged due to disrepair •Personal injury caused by the disrepair.

How can you contact us? Please contact us by any of the following methods: Telephone : 01995 641067 / 01995 676555 Email : Text : +447418344500 Alternatively, you can go to the 'Contact Us' Page on this website and request a call back.

Can I be evicted for making a Housing Disrepair claim against my Landlord? If your Landlord is a Council or a Housing Association then legally they cannot evict you unless you have arrears and have not arranged a payment plan to clear them. If you do have arrears then you should immediately set up a payment plan - even if it is £1 per month. If you are a private tenant then your Landlord can serve you with a Section 21 Eviction Notice. We do not currently deal with Housing Disrepair Claims against private Landlords.

Do I need to have reported the disrepair to my Landlord? Yes, you must have reported the disrepair to your Landlord and have given them an opportunity to deal with the issues you have raised. Ideally, you should have reported the disrepairs for at least 6 months without your Landlord carrying out the repairs. If your Landlord does contact you regarding the repairs then you must always allow them access to inspect the disrepair. You cannot make a claim if you caused the damage yourself.

Do I need to pay anything up front? No you don't pay anything up front. If we are able to represent you then we will enter into a Conditional Fee Agreement (a no win, no fee agreement) which means that you do not pay anything. We bear the cost of your claim throughout and recover our legal costs from your Landlord at the end of the case if we are successful. We will charge you a 'success fee' which will be a percentage of your damages. This is deducted from your damages and therefore, it not payable up front by you

Any other Questions? If you have any other questions then please contact us and we will be happy to help. There is no pressure to proceed with your claim and we are here to assist with any query you may have.

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