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Housing Disrepair

Your home is the one place where you are meant to feel safe, happy and comfortable, even if you don’t own it. And as a tenant, you trust that the system of council departments, letting agents and landlords will keep you safe from any problems that might arise with your home, whether it’s a broken door handle or the boiler breaking down.

For the vast majority of tenants, the process is handled well, but for a few, they find themselves faced with a landlord that allows their property - your home - to fall into disrepair and put you and your family at risk. From simply not maintaining parts of the property, to refusing to fix issues at your request, landlord negligence can take many different forms.

Recent legislation makes it clear that at the beginning of a tenancy your landlord is obliged to ensure that your new rented home will be fit for human habitation.  This legislation also ensures that you are provided with and continue to live in a decent and well-maintained house.

If you tell your landlord there is a problem and they refuse or fail to fix it within a  reasonable period of time, you have the right to force them to carry out the repairs. 


Our specialist housing disrepair team are here to help you to use your tenant’s rights to regain any financial loss and ensure your landlord is held accountable for their actions. We can also help you claim for illness or injury you have experienced because of landlord neglect and make sure you are looked after should your condition be long-term or affect your ability to work. 

We have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you decide whether you wish to bring a claim against your Landlord and how we may be able to assist you.

If you have any questions or wish to proceed then please call our friendly First Response Team on 01995 676555 or email

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